How to install Airforms

Airforms is self-hosted. Airforms can be hosted in the cloud (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google cloud) or on the intranet. You can even run Airforms on your laptop for personal use!

Super easy setup

Airforms is just as easy to run on your Windows (Windows 10 Home or better) or Mac laptop as it is to run in the cloud. Because Airforms uses docker, adding and removing Airforms is a breeze. If you are new to docker this is a great opportunity to try it! Did you know docker is the most-loved tool in Stack Overflow's 2022 Developer Survey?

Script to run Airforms

Press the button below to generate a personalized script to run Airforms.

Note that access to artifacts stored on your behalf (such as form definitions) is controlled using environment variables set in the script. Keep the script safe and secret.